This dragon-like is called , it says

Basic Info

They are often confused with hydras, and are actualy related. They are hostile to humans but are possible to tame in rare occasions. They have destroyed many cities and farms and will hunt for humans. They are responsible for some griffins being hostile to dragons, because they hunt griffins. They are endangered, and they arn't many occasions were humans would see one and live to tell the tale!


A hydria is a dragon that looks like a dragon with multiple heads. It should not be confused with hydra's because the're heads do not grow back, and they don't spit acid. They usualy have 5-13 heads, and have teeth averagly the size of daggers that eventually will grow to the size of swords.

Weapons and Armor

They have hard scales covering thier necks and deads so it's basicly impossible to cut of it's head, or even scratch thier necks and heads without any legendary weapons. Thier back spikes are to make sure nothing jumps on it's back to attack it. The back spikes are covered in poison that cause slowness and in great amounts can knock out the enemy for a short period of time. They have long dagger-like teeth that are made for cutting and are jagged and sharp.