This dragon-like is called , it says

Basic InfoEdit

It's a very small dragon. It's about 4 feet tall and 6 feet long not including it's tail when it reaches maturity. It has the power to control plants and it's breath grows plants. It usualy doesn't have good enough wings for real flight, but is better at gliding from high places back to lower places. They lay eggs and watch the chicks for half a year.


It is green with skinny legs. It has webbing between it's front and back legs and beetween it's toes. It has small sharp teeth and a 5 foot long tail desighned to keep it balanced when running on skinny things.

Weapons and ArmorEdit

It has short claws and teeth but isn't realy made for attacking. It has soft scales covering it's body and it's bones are very fragile. It's legs are made to run fast across the ground.