Basic InformationEdit

On this wiki you can write creative books about the dragoteria worlds. A user can start a book as long as she/he doesn't derectly ruin the storyline. You have to ask permision from the athour of the book. If you have written a book with help, pleasesay there usernames. If they are not users, and don't want there names posted online then you can say the parts " Not a User" wrote.If you would like ther to be a commet/request page you can make one. Remember to devide your book into chapters and say who wrote it!


Once you have gotten a little farther into your book you a required to make another version. If you don't do this on your own, you will be told to on your userpage. Versions in this wiki, are the revised versions of your book.

Versions on the MacEdit

If you have a Mac, then copy the whole story you have made so far. Click on the Pages app then past it on there. Once you have done that you should look for areas with a red underline. You can than edit as neccisary. Once you are done with this you can copy that, make a new version page on wikia and paste it there.


Picture 1

Copy the text.

Picture 2

open pages.



Picture 4

Fix the text, before pasting it on wikia again.

Picture 3

paste the text.

Versions using WordEdit

The same thing using the Word thingy.